Friday, May 4, 2012

Forever Me

So much has happened over the last 3 years in PTSS. So much has been gained and lost. Still, in some ways I feel like my life is really just beginning... and it was. For though I had loved before, I'd will never feared to be love again..and for know i shared my breath and heart with a special girl in my life which is Syazwana Bte Najmin.

not been foreseen what will my destiny lead me...i took a tremendously decision to take a degree that different from my previous course in PTSS which is SENI HALUS (SENI LAKONAN & PENGARAHAN) at USM but that.....will be a different destiny that awaits me soon.

back to me hometown after a huge fight till the finish line in PTSS... I was suddenly so blessed to have a new born nephew into my family, and a freinds that always support me from behind. And though I kept working and giving advice to my kids in Theather club and I was more interested in helping them to embrace their inner specialties in management skill, acting skill and displine skill. i had become somewhat of an expert on the subject. :)

because as for me, life without theather opened up similar avenues. but not been forgotten i of course continued to look after my clients in Unit Trust industries, Which allowed me time to finally embrace my destiny to be one of the rich hunk in town and to be succesfull theather person. so i can help the next generation of my theather club come into their own.

 And although i certainly had my struggles and heart aches over the years in PTSS and my life i am a warrior of survivors and i will always be. Which is why i truly been Me....

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