Sunday, August 12, 2012

Papa proud of anak2 papa

As salam...

Calling all distinguish teater team forever gempaxxx PTSS..Bersama semarakkan Majlis Berbuka Puasa KTM bersama Rumah Perlindungan Kanak-Kanak Arau pada hari selasa 14 Ogos 2012 di Rumah Perlindungan Kanak-Kanak Arau, Main Hall. Its the month of giving and its time for us to encourage all of you to see and experience your own by mingling yourself with these unfortunate people..!! The concept of GIVERS GET! Tangan yang memberi dahulu will easily receive abundance! Marilah kita beramai-ramai semarakkan majlis ini dengan suasana penuh meriah! Salam Ramadhan dari Penyelarasa Kelab Teater dan Muzikal PTSS

papa sangat berbangga mempunyai anak2 didik yang sangat teacheable..macam u guy's...every each one of u is my pillar of success....and u will alwys be...may allah bless every each of u..will his might...

to orang2 lama, nafsu...stay focus...and stay until the end with this club...share all the knowledge that u gain from me... over the last 2 years of ur involvements...with all the new comer that u already recruits...don't waste ur year this year...make this a splendid year that can bring up the name of our club and remember all challenge that we have gone through together....that will makes us strong as ONE.....forever..


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